For over 125 years the Verband Deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e. V. - Association of German Hop Growers - has been the central umbrella organisation of the hop - producers in Germany and their regional organisations: Hallertau, Tettnang, Elbe - Saale, Spalt, Hersbruck.

Here all the regional, national and international strings of the German producer side converge at the Associationīs office in the House of Hops in Wolnzach. A concept which has proved its worth over decades for the association work and representation of interests of the hop growers in Germany.

The Associationīs own publishing house the Hopfen - Rundschau issues the Associationīs monthly magazine of the same name "Hopfen - Rundschau" as well as once a year the special edition "Hopfen - Rundschau International".

The hop growers in the biggest hop - producing area in the world are organised in the Hopfenpflanzerverband Hallertau e. V. - the Hop Growers Association. The "old" house of hops was built during 1959/1960 by the Hopfenpflanzerverband Hallertau e. V. as the Associationīs headquarters. The cooperation is closely linked with the Verband deutscher Hopfenpflanzer e. V.. For example the management of both associations is in one hand.

Main task areas: foreign seasonal workers, hop supply contract, hop market regulation, representation and cooperation in the IHGC, sales promotion, market reports/crop assessment, organising events/public relations work, plant protection, advice for members, tax advice, legal advice, expertises, cases for compensation, etc..

CBC -Boston 2009

Presentation Dr. Adrian Forster


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The current issue of our hop variety portfolio in pdf: In this portfolio you will find all sorts of hops accurately explained. We would like to especially support the brewers with our extension register which contains brewing attempts. The download of this data file can take some minutes.

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